A different Holiday in Robot Hotels

If you’re dreaming of a different kind of holiday, a trip where nothing is taken for granted – not even the hotel you’re staying in – we recommend that you focus on California and Japan. These are the obligatory destinations for those who, right now, want to become familiar with the hotels of the future, technologically advanced structures in which the setting up of the rooms is the last thing you will pay attention to.

How would you react, for example, if the staff of the hotel you chose were composed of half humanoid robots and animals robots? If you can’t imagine, you should know that such a hotel already exists in Japan. It’s called Hen na Hotel – literally “strange hotel” – was opened this year and is located in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture. It is a hotel run by humanoid robots. And not only that. The “employees” of the hotel are actually androids. At the price of 9 thousand yen, about 80 euros per night, you will be greeted by a robot dinosaur and some humanoid robots that will guide you during check-in. An automatic trolley will take your suitcases to your room, while a robotic arm will place your personal belongings in special lockers.

No keys to open the rooms: an optical recognition system allows you to enter and exit freely. Inside the room you will find Churi-chan, a humanoid robot that turns on and off the light on command and provides the weather forecast. 

On the other side of the world, in the technological heart of the United States, a butler robot named Relay takes care of guests. You can find it in some of the most prestigious hotels in Silicon Valley: Crown Plaza in Milpitas, Aloft in Cupertino, Aloft Silicon Valley, Holiday Inn Express in Redwood City and soon also in hotels in Sunnyvale and Los Angeles.

About a meter tall, Relay provides professional room service without prying eyes. Thanks to a system of sensors, she moves independently between the hotel floors and is able to call the elevator using a wi-fi connection. When he arrives near the room where he has to make the delivery, he calls the guest to warn him of his presence and when the service is finished he asks you for a judgment on the service and returns good to the charging station located in the lobby.

Together with the “strange” employees of the Hen na Hotel, the Relay butler robot represents a taste of what awaits us in the next few years. When hotels, restaurants and other accommodation facilities are fully automated and be welcomed by a t-rex robot may be the norm. To move the hands of time forward you already know where to book: Japan and California are already in the future.

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