An Ecological and Sustainable Tree Holiday

The wooden houses are comfortable for the holidays, and even in several hotels there is the possibility to sleep on houses between the trees.

From an early age, having a tree house is a wonderful dream. Almost everyone imagined one in their childhood dreams, maybe someone had a little one made by daddy in the garden. The charm of a refuge in the foliage never fades and many are the designers from around the world who have created three futuristic and fairy-tale houses, with the most paradoxical shapes and with the most sought after and original materials. Some luxurious, design or shabby chic, with sauna or without bathroom where you can treat yourself to a dream night, adventurous or romantic. Today, more and more people are looking for both comfort and contact with nature. Especially if we are closed in the office all day long, during the holiday period it can be a necessity to follow the natural rhythms. That’s why many people are now interested in the topic of “tree holidays”. These facilities offer the visitor a unique experience such as dining or sleeping in rooms set up on trees in close contact with nature.

Sleeping In The Trees

It is therefore a unique experience and sleeping suspended in the air, lulled by the green does not necessarily mean giving up comfort.

The wooden houses are comfortable for the holidays, they are bungalows built with quality wood and structural characteristics of excellent strength and durability over time.

In fact, there are many offers in Italy. Raised houses have long been a reality.

For example, some farmhouses, hotels and adventure parks have this offer in their packages. Used throughout the year – for the daring in winter – in spring and summer these solutions offer unforgettable holidays for all family members. Of course, the hottest months are the most traditional times to take advantage of this type of housing solution, but the autumn can reserve pleasant surprises with its colors and its intimate atmosphere.

Book A Tree House

If you are planning to book, remember to do so in time.

This type of holiday is popular with nature lovers, of course. Although there are tree houses in the world with all the comforts of an attic in New York, perhaps this type of holiday makes more sense to experience it as a return to the origins. The wooden houses are comfortable holiday homes where everything returns to nature. 

In the world of travel there is a strong expansion towards everything that comes close to nature, the organic and eco-sustainable. The welcome products, the materials of the furniture, the structure itself attract not only people who are attentive to these issues, but also people who have a “caring” lifestyle with a view to the future. A holiday in a tree house can therefore be a great idea if we need to immerse ourselves in all this.

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