August Holidays in Crete, the Pearl of Greece

You don’t need to take on hours and hours of flying to immerse yourself in the purest beauty, in fun, in relaxation, in the past. The August holidays in Greece are the best way to have fun and at the same time spend little.

The Greek state, the cradle of democracy, has so much to offer tourists in all respects. Just mentioning places like Athens, Rhodes, Santorini… Since there is no room to talk about all, we would like to dwell on the August holidays in Crete, the largest of the islands of the Aegean Sea. An island of which, in the history books, you have certainly read a lot.

Flights to Crete are quite cheap. We leave from Rome Fiumicino airport and arrive at Candia Heraklion airport in about 2 hours and a half. Heraklion is the most important airport in Crete, but it has a total of 6 airports.

There are obviously many places of interest on this Greek island. Just think of Màlia, Kato Zakros and Festo (Minoan palaces) and the Knossos Palace. And certainly worth a visit the Monastery of Arkadi and then the Archaeological Museum of Arkadi.

On the island of Crete there are 350 beaches with very different characteristics. Crete is a territory of thousand colors and here the vacation is really low cost. Just take a look at the prices of the hotels.

We said of the beaches. Elafonissi is considered the most beautiful by travel experts. The sea is transparent, the sand has pink reflections. It’s very crowded, especially in the middle of the day.

Then there’s Vai, also called “palm forest”. Yes, because it is surrounded by the largest palm grove in Europe.

In front of the city of Agios Nikolaos, there is a small island: Spinalonga. It houses a fortress built by the Venetians at the end of the fifteenth century. Here tourists can admire ramparts, walls and ancient palaces. The cliffs overhang and you will have to choose the right place to take a bath.

In Falassarna the sand is very white, the blue sea seems almost green. The beach is wild, it seems like a world in itself. Thanks to the winds Falassarna is ideal for surfing. The sunset, then, is spectacular, highly awaited by holidaymakers.

The east side of the island of Crete is the most unspoilt and the magnificent lagoon of Balos is a resounding example. The water is transparent and turquoise and at the end white sand. The lagoon can be reached by boat from Kastelli.

Crete is full of hotels and restaurants where excellent fresh fish is cooked. During the day the beaches are very crowded, at night the locals are full of people. In short, there are all the conditions for a great holiday.

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